We are a statewide association of the small, rural telephone cooperatives and independent local and/or family-owned telephone companies. TSTCI members are committed to providing rural Texas with the best telecommunications available. The telecommunications network (“The Network”) of Texas depends on our member companies’ individual pieces of “The Network”.

Rural America contains 75% of the nations land but is home to only 17% of the population. Not unlike the national figures, TSTCI member companies serve over 50% of the geographic area of the State of Texas and approximately 2% of the total access lines. Our member companies live, work and worship in the areas they serve. They provide the schools, libraries, farms, ranches, dairies and other businesses in their service territory with telecommunications services. We serve the areas of the state that other providers would not and do not serve. We work hard to keep Rural Texas connected and part of the telecommunications infrastructure and the economic growth of our service areas, our communities and our state.

As an Association, we advocate for our membership with the state Legislature and the state regulatory body, Public Utility Commission (PUC) and nationally with Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of our members. We work side-by-side with these entities and other telecommunications industry advocates to ensure that the rules, regulations and technologies of telecommunications ever-changing environment continue to remember that Rural Matters and one size does not fit all.

We are Rural and RURAL MATTERS!