TSTCI Member Companies

All corporations organized under the provisions of Chapter 162 of the Texas Utilities Code, and all other private corporations, partnerships, and individuals rendering local exchange telephone service to rural areas, with 50,000 access lines or less, under a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity issued by the Public Utility Commission of Texas may become Members, and may avail themselves fully of membership within the following limitations and upon meeting the following qualifications:

(1) paying a membership fee, dues, and pro rata costs as hereinafter provided; and,

(2) agreeing to comply with and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation of the Cooperative and these Bylaws and any amendments thereto and such rules, regulations and policies as may from time to time be adopted by the Board of Directors.

No person or company shall become a Member or an Associate Member of the Cooperative unless and until it has been accepted for membership by the Board of Directors or by the Members of the Cooperative.